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He spoke of how we resist change from anything we're used to, even if it's painful.A lot of what he said I'd heard before in another format, but it just sunk in a lot better.It keeps going until you're living it and it's not even a belief anymore, it's simply an understanding.

If you understand the concept intellectually, you've internalized it maybe 10%.

Back in 2004, when I first met Tyler, I got to witness him blowing a lot of dudes out of set and tooling them, all with his wicked comebacks and backturns. His amogging today is not as funny as it was back in the Project Hollywood days, but it's ten times more vicious.

Tyler's 2004 amogging was like a Rey Mysterio wrestling match, with him doing flips in the ring and dropkicking larger opponents as if they were rag dolls.

"The man beeping his horn is projecting to the world his nimbus deficit and asking for validation to know that's normal in traffic." Anything, man. It's possible that some of the ivory tower suits in the RSD Corporate Headquarters (72nd floor of U. Bank Tower, if you were wondering) think that we'd get bored of ongoing Tyler-speak if he gave us updates on his mindframe all the time. But we gotta work with the hand we're dealt, so I took as many notes as I could for the limited time we had.

He started off with a National Geographic video of baboons bullying each other.

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    Although there is some uncertainty in the clock, this dating may pose a problem for the widely believed hypothesis that the bipedal creature, which lived some 3.7 million years ago at Laetoli in Tanzania and at Hadar in Ethiopia, was ancestral to man and evolved after the human-ape splitting.