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As she posed, I feel my cock getting harder and harder in my shorts.

In fact, it was getting so hard that I had to make a few adjustments so that my dick had room to expand within the confines of my filthy, denim cut-off shorts.

About 10 minutes from my house, my car breaks down. This park has a couple softball diamonds, a leash free dog area and some play areas for k**s with swings, slides and other various things that k**s can climb: on, up, in and through.

Of course, my phone is dead and the chances of me flagging down a ride in my dirty clothes is as my boss says are ‘slim and none and slim just left town.’ I manage to push my car a little further off the road and figure the best thing to do is to walk home and get my neighbor to help me get my car home. They also have a couple rain shelters with walls that are about five feet high but are open above and a roof slopes down to about where the walls stop.

Before I could drive away, my boss thanked me for coming in and helping him out.

He slipped me an envelope with some cash as a bonus for my days work.

The lady next door is recently divorced and very attractive.

I am having a hard time not try to put a move on her, but I am trying to play it cool with her as the divorce wounds are still fresh.

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In the ten or so minutes I stood there watching them, they gave me no indication that they knew I was there.

I watched her step out of her panties and kick them off to the side as he snaps off more pictures.

Then just before she lowered the hem of her dress so that she can change her pose, he bent over and kissed her on each bum cheek.

Although I wasn’t hung over, I sure can’t drink like I did when I was younger.

Yes, my 55 year old body doesn’t recover as fast from a few drinks like I did in my roaring 20‘s.

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