Adam rodriguez emily proctor dating

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A blonde, she has got big blue eyes and hot lips that always carry a distinct smile; which reflects her positivity and confidence.

She is a hot looking woman and has got a sexy figure.

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William Procter, a general physician and his wife Barbara Jones, who was a volunteer, adopted her.She is also believed to have undergone some minor plastic surgery, as she looks young for her age.Also, the comparative pictures show the difference in her looks as it looks like she has had surgery of her lips and nose, along with her breasts.A Mexican sheriff (Kate Del Castillo) whose life is threatened by drug cartels seek Horatio's help.Standout Season 3 cases include an axe murderer played by Eric Roberts, a Romeo who dies at a speed-dating event, a party girl crushed to death by a snake, and a crime scene that involves a tsunami. Looks like Procter has found a good partner for herself after the breakup with the CBSI Miami co-star Adam Rodriguez. In these exclusive extras from PARADE's March 6 cover story, CSI Miami's Emily Procter talks about filming her hit show while pregnant and gives the scoop on the baby shower her co-stars threw for her.

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