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He has also innovatively applied the use of nanocomposites loaded with chemo therapeutics to overcome chemo-resistance.

Dr Mitra has made pioneering contributions in the area of neuro-fuzzy computing, pattern recognition, and machine intelligence.

Dr Ray has contributed significantly towards establishing a role for motor proteins in axonal transport, in particular specific cargo motor interactions.

Professor K Ramasubramanian is a prominent historian of classical Indic science with a strong grounding in the physical sciences as well as Sanskrit.

Dr Anurag Agrawal has shown that obesity or Air pollution related cellular stress precipitates asthma by affecting the cellular metabolism of Air way epithelial cells.

He has shown how donation of mitochondria by stem cells can correct the cellular functions.

His work on equivariant Schubert calculus has been especially influential.

The techniques and ideas of Sankaran proved to be crucial in the construction of Littelmann’s bases.

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