Alevi dating

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But I want to tell you something, and please remember this.

There are many things about your country Turkey and about its culture and about the Turkish people that is beautiful and good.

And a Christian believes in goodness and love and compassion.

The Turks see the white man as superior, as their master, and the Turks as inferior, as a servant to the white man.

The Turks only see that he is a black man, and only because he is black, they reject him.I cannot know everything , I can just tell what I see in Turkey as a Turk.It means that in this way the Turks are the same as the Arabs.And yet when I hear that they are racist towards blacks, it is very sad and troubling.But your situation is not normal, you are foreign but black, they don't care you are christian or not, they don't prefer you bcs you are black in my opinion On the other hand, everything is possible in life as you [email protected] Sys Rq Man Then, what you are saying is that a white man -- whatever his religion -- can marry a Turkish woman.

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