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Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” He who commits a sin is a servant of sin.

an English-translated Bible Expositon hosted by Brother Eli Soriano We must learn how to discern the truth. We have to say it straight – no need to go around the bush. If you are courting a girl and you are writing a song for her, you can also be flowery.

Don’t ever think that you are doing a good deed in giving money to those people. Biblically speaking, in giving, you have to be sure that the person you are giving to is really deserving.

You are a fool if you give something to someone who does not deserve to be given. But how can we prevent those pastors from deceiving more people?

But if the Son of God sets you free, you will become truly free.

And when this happens, sin would no longer rule your life. You have been set free by the truth that you have found. So long as you keep on sinning, so long as you continue to become a gambler, so long as you womanize, so long as you continue to become a drug addict, so long as you continue to harbor ill-feelings towards your fellowmen, even if you go to church everyday, even if you keep on saying “Praise the Lord,” you have not found the truth.

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