Anglo indian dating

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The interior of the caddy opens to reveal two removeable caddy chests with original lids and original lead linings, in perfect condition.

This piece was made for export to the UK from the Colony in the Asian Sub-Continent. The ancient art of Sadeli Mosaic is said to have been introduced from Shiraz in Persia via Sind to Bombay, a long time before the Anglo Indian boxes were made.

Part of this project is not only to trace and learn from my family’s history but to leave a historical document because it is estimated that within a few decades, there will be very few Anglo Indians left on the planet.

It is estimated that there are only about 2- 300,000 self-identified Anglo Indians around the globe.

Made in Bombay, India, noted for its sadeli mosaic.

The carved panels depict temples and sacred animals in deep foliage setting.

When the Brits moved in to India, making friends with Mogul Rulers, waiting for the appropriate time to take over the country, Anglo- Indians were considered trusted friends and advisors.

Many married within their own circle and other white men and women, but very few married actually Indians.This Association hopes to increase awareness of WHO WE ARE.Gorgeous 19th century Anglo-Indian double tea caddy from circa 1880.Many Anglos marry outside their race and many hide their origins. a brief and not very detailed history of Anglo Indians.As they intermarry with other races the lineage becomes diluted since most Anglos reside in Western Countries like Canada, U. Some say they are a deliberate creation of the East India Company.

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