Ania dating

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Then how does one meet someone, make love have and children... Polish Jews suffer from a lack of potential partners in their own community.We are afraid of fading, losing our tradition and community!But they exist among us and will surely bond us for years to come.One thing is certain, we have known each other almost forever. Due to the positions she holds – yes, they are several because Magda does not settle for less - she travels all over the world, though lately most to Isreal.In Poland or other post-Communist countries, Jewish identity is complicated, marked by the previous era.The problem is not just religion, a feeling support for Israel, a new culture or language.

This sort of „non-invitation” to the new reality of their husbands or wives often led directly to conflicts, lack of trust or effectively a parting of ways. Children from these relationships, currently young professionals, prefer to wait quietly, not giving up their search, rather than build a life with someone who won’t quite want or be able to understand their complicated identity.„My ex-boyfriend saw my new interests as a temporary whim, while I was searching for my identity”.After years of her activity in the community and temporary relationships which never turned into anything deeper, I ask her, does she consider being with a non-Jew or more generally, with a person who does not even have a Jewish background?Each year, the same children playing, sometimes arguing, were effectively forced (in a good sense) to form long-lasting friendships.Now, as 20-somethings, we can share many stories about each other, some true, some invented.

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