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“The Inventor,” HBO’s Theranos documentary, draws comparisons between Holmes and one of her idols, Thomas Edison, who may have been better at cultivating his public image as an inventor than he was at actually inventing.

The math behind the American dream — a But perhaps no moment has been so primed for grift as our current one.

As Jia Tolentino wrote in The New Yorker last year: “At some point between the Great Recession, which began in 2008, and the terrible election of 2016, scamming seems to have become the dominant logic of American life.” The mantras of Silicon Valley — encourage harebrained scheming.

Venture capital requires business ideas to reap more than profits; they must promise explosive growth.

Soon HBO will air a documentary about Holmes directed by Alex Gibney, while ABC News has its own documentary and a podcast, too.

And since her unmasking, Delvey has been dragged on the internet for her tellingly bad hair.

There’s not a lovable scamp or a master chameleon in the bunch.

Occasionally these youthful businesses evidenced a casual relationship with grift. The Twitter accounts stole jokes from struggling comics.

Teenage influencers started concocting fake brand deals so they could appear worthy of corporate sponsorship.

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