Atheist dating christian girl 12

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It’s not a point of contention because that’s not why we love each other.It’s also not a point of contention because we are both fairly patient types, and don’t take any remote pleasure in tearing the other person down for any reason. I’m not entirely sure how that will go, but so far we both are comfortable with just answering any of his or her questions honestly and not trying to convince the child, and allow him or her to make that decision of belief or disbelief on their own.

We can talk about politics, religion, science, Bible stories, his children (who, by their mother, are being raised atheist, but it’s a point of contention because she only recently “converted” and her youngest is now openly belligerent and disrespectful about it). She also has never once told me that I’m going to hell.When we started dating i was still a Christian but eventually I decided it was all bullshit and she was ok with it sort of, although it did cause some tension at times.At the end of the day, cool I guess, but it’s like, Cosmos didn’t do the science any justice… Black science man goes on tv, reads a script, boom: her whole life of believing in dinosaurs walking with man and a 5,000 year old evolution-less earth is revised because he said so. I like existentialism, absurdity, nihilism, moral systems, all that stuff.I can’t discuss things with her because the modes of thought are entirely incompatible, and so one potential outlet for forming a very strong human bond never had a chance in the first place, and so in that department our relationship is lackluckster. I love ’em and all and they’re nice to me but they think I’m sworn to hell and a bad influence or some shit.

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