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My Itchy Travel Feet is inspiring boomers to go with the latest travel advice, destination information and active travel ideas. As the understanding of the human mind evolves, the brain fitness trend grows.People understand that just having a healthy body is not enough and one must exercise the brain as well…These concerns can make them forget that what they should really do is enjoy their long awaited retirement with their other retired baby boomer friends…We all realize that the internet is a powerful tool that can make our life easier, the problem most baby boomers faces is that they get overwhelmed by the quantity of the online services and not always find the exact service that will best fit their needs. The site’s team curated all of the top sites in almost every category, creating an easy to navigate homepage that can be the home-base for your online browsing.Everything Zoomer is the brand new Zoomer Super Site.When one asks why is it called Zoomer, their official answer is that Zoomer is Boomer with a Z…With features ranging from breaking news, comprehensive reporting, classifieds, dating, rich media and a social network layer, the site serves as a lifestyle portal customized for the discriminating 45-plus demographic.Volunteer Match strengthens communities by making it easier for good people and good causes to connect.

My Itchy Travel Feet is an awesome baby boomers travel blog with first-hand content and eye-catching photographs that encourages boomers to get up and off the couch and go.

Brain HQ from Posit Science is one of the best brain training sites out there, Built by a team of top neuroscientists, with exercises proven in dozens of published studies to make real and lasting improvements in brain functions like memory and attention.

Brain HQ is your personal brain gym, stay sharp and fit.

In order to be strong, a community must be constantly evolving, increasingly active and evermore diverse.

Volunteer Match is about people, it’s a community that believes in the power of volunteering to enrich our lives and the world around us.

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