Blind dating movie actors

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Since I enjoy the show, and even enjoy his character, I've read several interviews in which he states that he's gotten no criticism for being a sighted actor in a blind role.Interesting, since friends of mine specifically tweeted and emailed him about it.Just when Danny is about to give up, he meets Leeza, a nurse who works for Danny’s doctor.There is just one catch: Leeza, who is from India, is promised to another man.In another twist of irony, he also acted in a You Tube movie called Yellowface, about the shameful practice of using white actors in Asian roles.Now, I understand roles where a character is sighted for the majority of the show, like Melissa Sue Anderson in Little House on the Prairie.And if they did, jobs were scarce and discrimination in the industry rampant.

Just when Danny is about to give up, he meets Leeza, a nurse who works for Danny's doctor.While the practice of blindface may not overtly intend to be stereotypical, it ends up doing that very thing. They humrously drive cars, and sentimentally feel others' faces.Blindness is often the central meme, whether creating angst or conflict or even a superhuman "overcoming" of great magnitude. The trouble is that these stereotypes are all most people ever know about blind people. (The script for this one absolutely cracked me up; they poked fun at some of the experiences that blind people have daily. Correction: I'm told he wasn't famous when he made this.Blind people can't just bee normal; they have to be a seer or an inspiration or angry and bitter. I still smile at the overdramatic young woman wearing a blindfold and gushing, "I just want to feel what you feel! I knew who he was when it came out, if I remember right, but he wasn't yet a superstar.") This one felt like an example of selling a movie with a big-name actor. So maybe it was merely awkward casting, not big name casting.

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