Brooks forester dating safety guidelines online dating

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I wanted to make sure that those words, you know, "I love you," are genuine and sincere and that I can fully back that up six months, a year from now, instead of just in that moment.

You really don't think it's kind of weird she got engaged after having that intense breakup with you?

I think the outcome would have been the same just based on who we are as individuals and what it is that she's looking for and what I'm looking for.

You know, and like I said before, I just -- after putting everything into that relationship and the pieces started to not come together, that was really emotional for me -- to really put my heart out there and to really try to make that relationship work and then to just not feel that click that I felt like I needed and have felt before.

Brooks Forester: In the beginning, I had the first date.

I had the first date so early on, so I had more time than any of the other guys, so I knew that I was in a situation that was going to be difficult because my next time with her to rekindle the connection that we established on the first date was going to be longer than anybody else.

I think the less that people who don't deserve to be loved would be a lot shorter.

Juan Pablo Galavis was one of the fan favorites that we barely got to know, so we're wondering what's something we don't know about him?

Brooks Forester: Well, Desiree had been there before, so I felt like she had an understanding as to how to be herself early on.

I think I was the one doing the learning there, so I don't think that the situation would change things entirely.

I think once everybody started to get their time, we were all put onto an even playing field to some degree. There was some discussion early on, and when they had asked me, initially my response was, "No." We had multiple conversations about it and they said, "We think we're going in a different direction anyway," so there wasn't much for me to consider in that arena, so that decision was pretty easy.

You touched on this a little bit, but this is obviously a very unusual situation.

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