Bsd pkg updating

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It is recommended that you install mports/sysutils/portupgrade at your convenience.It will allow you to upgrade mports and install mports much easier.Note that permissions can be denied by prefixing no-, for example no-dist-sell. The libmport and mport tools were imported into 0.3-CURRENT for testing.LICENSE_COMB is set to define multi or dual license. As of 0.4-CURRENT (os version 4004), mport tools support fetching packages, updating, upgrade of all system packages, deleting packages, listing packages needing to be updated, search, and info on a package. It contains hundreds of ported software applications ready to use on Midnight BSD.mports simplifies installing software packages on your desktop system.New versions of software and additional software are added all the time.Keeping up to date will help you maintain best security practices and possibly give you new features and functionality or bug fixes.

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mports maintainership was transfered to wintellect after some initial work by laffer1.For information on common reasons for "fake" errors, see the fake transition page.Mport is endeavoring to be more standardized than the Free BSD ports tree.If you forgot to do so, you may download the latest mports by using .You can use cd /usr svn co mports Updating mports periodically is recommended.

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