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The document contains some usage of diacritical marks.

These are the dots above or below certain characters to indicate which letter is intended in the case that they share the same “skeletal” shape (for example, ب ت ث or ش س).

The manuscripts are some of the oldest we have, which we can agree on, but pinning it down to a set of decades seems unwise at this point.

Another mentions him hiding in a cave to escape his Meccan pursuers when migrating to Medina. Any one of them, let alone all of them together, especially taken in conjunction with the fact that only the parchment of the manuscript potentially predates the Prophet’s birth, would lead any reasonable individual to conclude beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Qurʾān simply could not exist except after the beginning of Muḥammad’s prophetic mission. “Ṭaha” is one of the endearing names used by God for the Prophet Muḥammad.

Let us be intellectually honest, it doesn't definitively prove that the Quran is too old.

It was dated to between AD 568 and AD 645 with 94 % accuracy, still within Muhammad's timeline but likely contradicting the composition of the Quran.

But it’s also entirely possible, even without this consideration, that the parchment fragments could predate their use as material for a written Qurʾān by centuries.

Based on the above, it is sad to think that anyone, particularly with an academic background, takes seriously the notion that the contents of the Birmingham manuscript actually predate the Prophet’s lifetime.

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