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For this reason we ask all users to respect the wishes of models and to remain polite at all times.Anyone found to abuse, bully, or unnecessarily insult a cam girl may be banned from the sex chat room or from Xcamy. And live chat does more than just decrease response time. Now that we’ve covered how response times can have major impacts on What if I’m out of the office and I get a few messages. It allows you to help customers instantly, despite not actually responding on your own.Then you can jump into the conversation when it’s convenient for you, without risking the loss of a potential lead.

And if you look at how many companies were failing at contacting leads in five minutes or less, the data is pretty scary. In today’s landscape, can you guess what the number-one preferred channel for customer service is?There are tons of other businesses out there doing the same thing you’re doing, so why are they going to wait half an hour for you to respond? They’ll bounce back to Google and click the next ranking company. I think to myself: Since there’s no live chat, I head to the website’s contact page and I send an email request. Only 14% of the companies surveyed had live-chat systems in place.On top of that, companies that responded in ten minutes compared to five minutes saw a 400% decrease in the odds of qualifying that lead. I wait patiently by my inbox, refreshing, and hoping for a response. Well, congratulations, company X, you just lost out on a big, easy sale. That means you either had to call, sit on hold and speak to a pushy sales rep, or send an email that would very likely get lost in the shuffle.Only 7% of companies surveyed responded within five minutes of an inquiry. If you said said they expect to be able to use live-chat messaging to get help from companies online.The majority (over 50% of companies) took more than five days to respond or didn’t respond at all. If you’re not meeting consumer expectations in a modern world, you simply won’t succeed. One of the most genius inventions of live chat today is being able to customize responses based on common questions, or simply respond with an automated bot that can assist.,” and it’s an excellent way to keep customers engaged and satisfied even if you aren’t personally available to respond.

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