Chilli and mayweather dating

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According to newspaper accounts, Lopez and his co-defendants were indicted for beating a man to death with a bat."I am putting 0 on your books -- thanks for looking out," Mayweather told Lopez, the report states." The domestic assault charges were not the first to be filed against Mayweather, and allegations of abuse against women have followed his father and trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr., as well as his uncle, Roger Mayweather, who also has trained him.For years, the younger Mayweather eluded those charges. has fashioned a career by making the painful business of boxing look easy, but records obtained by Sports on Earth reveal a very different side of the undefeated champ: an embattled man very much on the ropes while spending time in jail.In the summer of 2012, Mayweather served 60 days of a 90-day sentence at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas after pleading guilty to domestic violence charges involving a former girlfriend.

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The biggest issue that jail officers had with Mayweather, the reports suggest, was a sense of entitlement.

Mayweather was punished at one point after attempting to intimidate an officer at Clark County, the reports show.

On July 12, more than a month after he entered the facility, an issue arose when an officer discovered Mayweather had been given two hours of free time instead of one.

Because of his celebrity status, officials at the jail placed Mayweather in protective custody, where he was separated from other inmates and forced to spend 23 hours a day inside his cell.

Normally the center of a huge entourage and the object of constant attention, Mayweather fought desperately to be released into the jail's general population or transferred to another facility, records show.

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