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His father is not Jewish, his father is German (Lutheran) Yes, his mother is Italian and Catholic and he was raised Catholic. You need to get the fact right before you post bullsh*t and (bad) rumors from 30 years ago. As of now, he is single and is looking forward to the perfect partner to arrive in his life.Seems like, he is looking for someone like his past girlfriend Carole Lowe who is a former cancer patient. He was definitely doing stand-up type stuff, story telling, etc. Also Wicked Game wasn't huge, I actually hated that song, it was big on MTV because of the supposedly sexy video. He's got an amazing body for a man in his 50's and it's high time he show it off. Enjoy the masterpiece Lyrics: Blue Hotel, on a lonely highw... He lived in a room rented from a family and never lived in a hotel, he was going to school, he didn't have money for a hotel room. (with his fourth wife this time, who must be 37 years younger than him, hehe)David make a movie. Saw him in concert once and I was impressed by how funny he was. They weren't huge hits, Blue Hotel I've never ever heard and Baby Did a Bad Thing wasn't big on the charts, it was used in the Kubrick film, but wasn't a big seller. What I'd like to see is him in more movies, and possibly do a nude scene. In my dreams, he will always be gay; but in his dreams, i suspect he is totally into the Asia ladies, though how they assign the various duties and responsibilities might not follow conventional lines of thinking. Chris Isaak Blue Hotel 1987 [Official Video] Artist: Chris Isaak Album: Chris Isaak Song: Blue Hotel Year: 1987 Credits to skirgsk and Mazdak! The most compatible signs with Sagittarius are generally considered to be Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius."Except The New Girl" lyrics:[italic]Drive your mustang down, to where you hang out. R94 a buddy of mine claims to have witnessed this at a studio near Santa Rosa where Chris's band rehearsed.

So either he was casting for a video needing very pretty young Japanese women or he has a thing for them.

He gave the standard "I'm too busy touring to settle down and get married" line. I saw Chris out at Lands End in San Francisco and he was with an female Jap.

I read an interview with him several years ago where he was asked why he hasn't married.

It seemed like a pretty lame response, especially for someone in his 50s. As an eldergay, I'm surprised it took until R22 to talk about his Asian girl fetish and we're not talking Cho or Ling. Imagine the thrill of having Chris go kamikaze on your landing strip.yeah, i read that he has a thing for Asian women, grew up in CA dirt poor and went over to Japan to box (hence his broken nose) and i think it was margaret cho who said that he could give himself a BJ..i read (yrs ago) that he has his current bedroom re-created just like the one when he was 5yrs old or something like that.i enjoy his music.

When the interviewer mentioned that he could always bring his wife along on tour, he said something about how he wouldn't want to expose her to the wildness and debauchery that goes on when he's on tour. It was almost enough to drive to having an eye job and a sex change.

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