Creationism vs evolution carbon dating

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Fact: Evolution is simply what several separate and unrelated lines of evidence converge upon.

In a given environment, species with certain traits will have certain advantages over others and therefore have much higher likelihood to survive and reproduce, thereby passing on the genetic traits that made them successful, while those without these traits will be less likely to survive and reproduce and therefore those traits that proved to be disadvantageous will be less likely to continually exist in a species. Sometimes species will spread out become isolated from each other, and the same species will exist in completely different environments. This will result in a different set of traits to be naturally selected (in real time, these small changes are known as micro evolution) and over millions of years, will result in gradual large-scale changes (macro evolution).

In fact, evolution far less accepted in the United States than in other advanced western countries.

While this is not a specifically politically-based phenomenon it is far stronger among Republicans, where non-acceptance appears to be growing.

Anti-evolution arguments are a collection of logical fallacies, most often straw man arguments that don’t take the actual available evidence into account.

Since Origin of Species was published, the theory of evolution has been the source of much controversy, especially in religious circles.

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