Crossdressing dating men stories

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A lot of crossdressers (CDs) with a fetish for female undergarments will often wear them daily and even when at work; depending on the type of work they do.As I said earlier most CDs are NOT gay but there are a small percentage that are gay.Simply a crossdresser is someone (generally a heterosexual male) that will wear clothing of the opposite sex.They can have a fetish to certain parts of a women’s wardrobe. Some other fetishes that I know of are pantyhose or nylon stockings, some people like stilettos heels, and other like dresses and like make-up.But before I get into my crossdressing journey let me go over how I define some of the words associated with transgendered people and a few other ideas.I am not a psychiatrist or anything like that these are just my perceptions.Transvestites will often over state their femininity wearing more elaborate outfits and generally overdoing their make-up.

Transgendered is just a blanket term for CDs TVs and also Transsexuals either pre-op or post-op.

Afterwards, we'd lay in bed half-dressed – me in a grubby tee-shirt, my husband in a lace bra. As he touched my body, I realized that he was imagining it was his own. During the light of day I tried to talk myself out of this new mindset. In a matter of weeks, I left everything behind – the house, the car and the size-12 gold shoes. After the sound of the judges gavel we hugged goodbye, and I thought I felt the ribbed wire of the corset beneath his button-up shirt.

I gave myself pep talks: "You love him, you want him to be happy, and you already decided that sex was not the defining feature of your relationship." For instance, I thought, he loved sci-fi movies…I did not. Why would a sexual fetish be more divisive than that? It wasn't until I was decorating my apartment with as many girly things as possible that I let myself realize how upset I had been.

One thing I do know for sure is that even though there is very little acceptance of our inner feeling and desires, it is for more accepted now than when I was growing up.

How nice it would be to go out all dressed up en-femme and not having to worry about if you looked good enough to pass as a female or if you sounded female.

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