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Accommodation is achieved through the contraction of ciliary muscles, which results in an increase in curvature and a forward shift of the natural lens in the eye.

Accommodation declines with increasing age due to a decrease in lens elasticity and a reduction in ciliary muscle contraction, resulting in difficulty in near vision (presbyopia).

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Background Accommodation is the ability of the eye to focus on both distant and near objects.

Consequently, many otherwise happy Re Stor patients do need weak readers for using the computer (and other intermediate vision tasks.) But if you're happy with your Re Stor vision in your right eye, this seems to me to be a minor inconvenience.

Near vision with Re Stor is reported to be excellent. The contact lens improved distance and took away the uncomfortable feeling of looking through a glass smeared with Vaseline. My surgeon is experienced at explanting the IOLs and has even done them beyond 6 months, although he prefers to do them within the first 8-10 weeks.

After much stress in the decision process, I'm going to ask my surgeon to go ahead and exchange the Crystalens in my left (dominant) eye for the Re Stor, which was at his suggestion.

I have put it off because I have such good intermediate vision in that eye, but that's really all it has going for it.

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