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Q: With an overarching theme commenting on the advance of technology and how large corporate entities play a dominating role in how we communicate, distribute, and share and value content, how do you reconcile - or perhaps, take the best bits – from those outlets and technologies so that your music and message connects?

Well, is only available on CD and to download, so maybe it will connect less than something stream-able but this is a twist I'm OK with. It's amazing how much money artists spend on just getting into playlists and being represented as "popular" online but then they get no actual financial returns?

The key track, “Impossible,” is somewhere between a Bond theme and a deep cut from Terence Trent D'Arby, while the infectious “Change” gives the album just enough flash and punch with its easy hip-hop flavor.

Big ballad “Red” sounds like the best number found on any given Hugh Grant rom-com soundtrack while “Not Giving Up” is a well-executed, uptempo fingersnapper that should make Jamiroquai jealous.

Mark also partnered with Amy Winehouse on her debut album Frank as well as her 2006 album Back To Black which featured the single Rehab - they also released a cover of The Zutons' hit Valerie.

Other artists Mark has collaborated with include Adele, Lily Allen, Nas, Paul Mc Cartney and Daniel Merriweather to name a few.

I hope that primarily, the songs themselves connect in - their own sweet way.

Like Winehouse’s game-changing album, Merriweather’s is also drenched in Mark Ronson’s nostalgic production with all its Sam Cooke spirit and '60s R&B sophistication.

Four months after splitting from his wife he started dating New York singer Samantha Urbani.

Mark was previously engaged to the actress-singer Rashida Jones from 2003-2004.

Q: You’ve been working on the TQX project for five years. Also, true story: "We Are Nostalgic For The Present" was always the TQX catch cry and then SIA asked if she could use it as the name of her recent tour... Q: With such a diverse range of artists contributing from around the world, how did the songwriting, recording and production of the album come together?

What was the impetus to it, how has it evolved, and what keeps you motivated? It was a truly global affair that was written, recorded and produced in 6 cities over 5 years.

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