Dannii minogue dating simon cowell

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She was suffering with a severe thyroid condition, had just given birth to son Ethan, now six, and was beginning to part ways with British model Kris Smith, her young lad’s dad.The singer spent the best part of six years in Melbourne, taking a role on X Factor Australia.The truth about their affair was finally revealed in Tom Bower’s explosive 2012 biography, Sweet Revenge - leaving Dannii bruised and betrayed.This is still a sticking point for the younger sister of megastar Kylie.I haven’t seen it.” Dannii, 45, was a staple of the talent show in its heyday from 2006 until 2010 and mentored winners Leon Jackson and Matt Cardle.But she swapped the UK for her native Australia when her private life started to fall apart in 2011.“I’ve been wanting to come back to the UK for ages.

“I have had zero contact with X Factor since I left.

“If things go really bad, you can always melt it down,” she told Prince Edward.

Simon Cowell has often spoken about his inability to remain faithful in the past but now he has been with his long-term partner Laura Silverman since 2013.

“I said to Tom right from the beginning, 'I’m not going to lie to you’, and that was the deal.

Not to say, it hasn’t all been a bit embarrassing.” Golden contact Hosting a fundraising event in New York for Films Without Borders, the Earl of Wessex was presented with a business card made of gold by Coralie Charriol, a handbag designer.

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