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Most were honest, but I guess two can play at the game. Luckily for me, 23 people declined my offer of sharing their size.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my lavish tinder experience.

As I wanted to see was how honest guys could be, do I approach small talk or dive straight in with, Boy was I going to be in for a treat for some of the responses that were in store for me.

Unfortunately for me, my naïve, innocence got brutally destroyed.

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He dubbed his penis name as, All I was left wondering was what he wanted to drink? I matched up with an outstanding 32 people but little did I know how filthy these guys responses would be.

He claimed that his front was an average size of 5.8 inches to be exact. ) Needless to say, this ALMOST became a very deep conversation, but my inner sass came out and quickly unmatched. Dude Six was my ultimate favourite and did make me laugh out loud, literally.

He was very forward to saying his size and was confident to say he was a big 9 inch.

Being the least sexual person EVER, I wanted to see just how honest men could be when it came to tinder.

Needless to say, this was the most risqué experience in my entire life.

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