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You’re changing up the scenery, trading dormitory walls for a bit of college town ambiance. Usually there’s a secluded courtyard or two on campus (just check for Wi Fi beforehand! With sandwiches and orange juice and your laptop, you two could even cloud-watch together. Watch A Movie, Or The Latest Episode Of Your Favorite TV Show The movie date is still a classic, and one you do over Skype.

It may be tricky the first few times you watch video together; you may need to rewind or fast-forward your video to sync up to your partner’s.

My boyfriend and I took a Mechanical Physics class from ed X and watched online lectures together. Game Time Whether it’s online chess or Diablo 3, play a computer/video game together. Romantic Dinner Notice that half this list is made up of food dates? Have an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner over Skype.Perhaps it’s been getting harder and harder to make time to connect with everyone from back home, and if you’re in a long-distance relationship (LDR for short), you may be struggling to find ways to keep the fire alive between all that distance.Lucky for us, we no longer live in a time where communication means hand-written letters that take weeks and weeks to deliver by stagecoach and ship.Here are a few simple ideas for spicing up those Skype calls with your sweetheart: 1.Ice Cream Shop Food and dates go hand in hand, and there’s not much difference on a Skype date either. But this time, you are outside in nature, in the grass, in the sunshine.

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