Dating a man with add

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Understanding what it feels like to have ADHD- without judgment- will help both partners stay on the same page and allow you to regain a peaceful, happy home. I’m wondering weather my boyfriend has ADD or is just plain selfish and/or just got bored with me.Maybe you can help recognize symptoms or help me figure out what’s going on.He is still very sweet when we do see each other but he doesn’t have a libido anymore.It seems to me like I was the new exciting thing for a while, then one year later, it’s like he’d want me to just be there sometimes for a cuddle but is not interested in (or doesn’t even grasp the concept of) partnership, teamwork in a long term relationship.

We’re separated now because it seemed to me like he wanted out of the relationship but didn’t have the guts to end it, so I did it.

(My mom had a key bowl and if we couldn’t find our keys .our problem) Late for appointments? You don’t have respect for your time and another persons time yet??

When I discovered I was ADHD in my 50′ s I immediately started devouring books so I could get a handle on or at least try to get a handle on my “symptoms”.

But my heart want to go back to him because I love him. Ok being ADHD I read the first paragraph and can see instant issues.

How can you hope to have a successful marriage and you still haven’t found a place to put your keys so you can find them??

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