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For example, you may have heard the Saturn tag “A Different Kind of Car Company.” Recently, one Saturn group conducted a search for a sales team — two individuals to share the role of one sales position. A strong headline statement that helps you stand out and strongly positions the strengths of your opportunity will help you capture that readership and deliver candidates.Jeff Perry is an advertising executive at Star Tribune Media Company in Minneapolis.To start the process, ask and answer the following questions: (Note: this ad received 73% more views and more than twice as many applies as competing ads simply titled Customer Service Representative.) Just as Saturn pioneered the no-haggle pricing that customers enjoy, they position this as a benefit to their salespeople.This tackles several areas (strength of the position & culture, wants of the candidate – i.e. We didn’t need to probe much further for the reason for their low response – the title generates no interest or differentiation.

–Lauri Dahlberg, PHR, HR Manager Using a quote from an employee can be a terrific way to pique interest and get more candidates in your pool.

Some advertisers use a traditional approach and embellish it such as: ! A district manager at one of the country’s largest financial and insurance services companies, says, “I try to consider the basic facts about the opportunity, and then highlight a selected part which the reader might find especially intriguing.” For example, while his competitors use traditional (i.e.

boring) titles, the district manager mentioned above uses the headline: While his competitors’ ads lead to pre-conditioned or limited ideas about insurance sales, re-framing it with a headline statement presents a positive and informative picture. The district manager says, “I often ask responders what caught their attention in my recruitment ad.

When considering how to initially attract readers to your employment ads, the key opportunity may lie in your as many people read a headline as do the entire ad.

Attractive logos, extensive benefits packages, flexible schedules: all these can be used to make an impact on job candidates and affect how many people read and reply to your postings.

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