Dating and seual conversations

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The worst feeling was going on a 'successful' first date, but they'd be back online scouting for more matches while texting me that they're still interested.I signed up for Plenty of Fish a few days ago and the vibe is much more relaxed and fun. I think it also helps that he's not local to me, so we find each other's presence fascinating and purely authentic.Texting only takes you so far, especially with someone you never even met.

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As one of those guys who peters out after two or three exchanges, I'd like to share a slightly different perspective...Not even a "go fuck yourself", even that would make me feel better than just blank nothingness.I honestly think I'll just have to go back to chatting up girls in clubs and bars and jeez is that a lot of effort and money and time, but at least you get your answers straight up. I joined okcupid two years ago if you're looking to meet someone genuine online is not the way.I think too many people are still searching even when you think the relationship is starting to get serious. When I first joined a dating site 5 years ago, there were some cool ass people.There's nothing really wrong with Internet dating, the problem is how people use it. I was younger and dumber back then and didn't know how to "close the deal" or how to communicate well. Now there's not many attractive people, and the majority of girls are super easy just looking for a hookup or are just there to boost their own self esteem. But a challenge for a girl with her head on straight with any sort of dignity or self respect. I haven't been on one in a year and a half till lately, and man even in that timeframe it's dropped in quality.

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