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And as you know by now, red flags do not a pleasant dating experience make.

By the way, the same holds true if a “blind date” is in the works.

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Free the woman up to go out with someone who cares. But as a “selector” who is in total control of his dating life, you’ve got to draw the line on where “testing” turns into blatant game playing or even flat-out manipulation. And it had better be a REAL GOOD one, along the lines of #6 or #7 below.

3) Signs Of Games, Potential Flakiness, Or Getting Played If this one doesn’t get to the very heart of “self-respect”, I don’t know what does. For example, if she calls you at 3 in the afternoon on the day you are allegedly supposed to take her out that night and says, “Oh, hey…I can’t make it. If you want to be the leader in this situation, again call it as you see it. I realize some may tell you to cut her off right then and there, but in my mind to do that smacks of personal insecurity. Sometimes stuff really does come up, and you have to respect that.

But if she’s just running lame “flake out” game on you, tell her it’s all good…you suddenly agree that BOTH OF YOU have better things to do. If she’s offended you would ask, let that be a red flag.

If you find yourself uttering these words, here’s a caveat: This will likely fry her circuits and give her a fresh dose of amped up attraction for you. The die has been cast with regard to what you can expect from her in the future. Find a more mature woman to date instead of a little girl. 4) You’ve Never Seen More Than One Pic Of Her, Or Have Never Talked On The Phone This is for you guys out there who are online. If she won’t talk to you on the phone before meeting you, let that be another.

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