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Now the policy is gaining bipartisan momentum in states across the country, with 70 percent of Americans supporting clean slate policies, across party lines.“Automatic record-clearing is about removing barriers to opportunity and giving people a fair shot at a fresh start,” said David Plouffe, head of policy and advocacy at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.Fines and costs are usually only owed on cases where you were convicted (pled guilty or were found guilty) or were given a diversionary program (like ARD). You can pay any fines and costs you owe online if you have a credit card: Pay/ If your cases are from Philadelphia, you can also go to the Basement of the Criminal Justice Center (1301 Filbert St.) to find out what you owe, get on a payment plan, or make payments.To find out what you owe, either review your docket sheets using the information above, orcontact the court in the county where you had your case. You might be able to get your supervision fees waived if you cannot pay and if you file a petition with the court.Clean slate is based on an idea first published in a 2014 report by the Center for American Progress and Community Legal Services of Philadelphia.

charges were dismissed, withdrawn, nolle prossed, or you were found “not guilty”), diversion cases like ARD where you have completed your sentence, and summary convictions after five years without arrest. Many legal aid programs around the state of Pennsylvania help people with record expungement or sealing. If you live in Philadelphia and your record is in Philadelphia, you can come to Community Legal Services for help.

A new policy called clean slate offers a technological solution: automated record-clearing for people who remain crime-free for a set period of time.

Bipartisan clean slate legislation was signed into law in Pennsylvania in June 2018, with the support of a diverse coalition that brought together the left and the right, as well as directly affected communities, business, law enforcement, and even professional athletes.

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