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You must have pages 18 & 22 of the PHS packet signed and notarized. Do not sign it yourself until you are with the notary (This must be done prior to the delivery of your PHS. Select one of two options to submit your Personal History Statement.This notary service will NOT be available at the Academy.) Local Notary Resource Links: ​ 1. Note: The hiring process may take approximately 3 - 8 months, or more, depending on factors such as when you apply, your eligibility, the number of applicants, the date of the next available academy etc.Fiorilla's safety concerns are echoed by local PBA President Nick Hriczov, who said the radios are a major concern."Some officer or citizen is going to get hurt," Hriczov said.City and police officials hoped to solve the issue with the implementation of the current system in 2012. The department's Technical Services Division has applied to join the New Jersey State Police P25 program, which would connect the department's radios to the state-wide system.The state program uses a trunked rather than conventional radio system the city currently uses.At SPD we acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals and pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.The Peace Officer's Memorial is a tribute to area peace officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their community.

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From crime scene investigation to community policing, from K-9 to marine law enforcement, from narcotics to forensics, the Chesapeake Police Department has a career path that is sure to fit your skills and interests.Becoming a police officer can be a tough, demanding and unpredictable job, but it is also one of the most rewarding positions you will ever have.Every day that you wear your uniform and badge, you will be making the City of Chesapeake a safer and better place to live for you, your family, your friends and your neighbors. Here are some of the basic eligibility requirements for Police Officer and Police Officer Trainee candidates: An extensive background investigation will be conducted.Copies of emails from police officers to the department's support division to request radio repairs obtained through public records request by North and the USA Today Network New Jersey, show the officers' frustration with the equipment. 21, Officer Justin Vallier, in an email request for radio repairs after his failed during a response to a possible bank robbery in progress, wrote: "THIS IS ANOTHER POSSIBLE DEADLY SITUATION WHERE OUR CPD RADIOS DID NOT WORK PROPERLY," his all caps message reads.Officer Andrew Alvarez's email to the support division illustrates the dangers of not being able to communicate with headquarters. I tried to radio for dispatch to send more units to help. Upon handcuffing the party I tried to radio dispatch to advise them we handcuffed the suspect," reads the email.

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