Dating etiquette in 1910

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These are just a few, from basic manners to some more advanced niceties for formal occasions.A popular saying in the UK is "Manners maketh man." Things you should do:- At first glance, a formal table setting can be intimidating because there are so many forks, spoons, and knives, all for different courses.Edwardian-era England is my favorite time, namely because it was a time of great societal change.Love and courtship, however, remained steeped in tradition.Although taking a lover was accepted, discretion was required.Flaunt a lover and she might find herself in divorce court and lose everything to her benighted husband, including her children.

There are certain ways you should behave and certain niceties to observe.

The greatest single modern business (and social) etiquette failing is not responding to an invitation to let the host know whether or not you will attend.

Respond in writing before the date given on the invitation, if circumstances stop you from attending always let your host/ess know as soon as possible.

How and whom you married depended hugely on one factor: class.

For those “upstairs,” marriage was more about keeping blood within the aristocracy pure; for the newly wealthy industrialist, a good match gave social climbing parvenus standing within Society.

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