Dating fabric by width

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Intricate patterns of brocaded silk were a feature of silk velvet on velvets.The artichoke cynara scolymus was grown plentifully during the medieval period and was featured in many medieval fabric designs from the 13th to 15th centuries.

Even naturally dyed clothing could be relatively colourful, and while laws prohibited some colours to some classes, a poor woman could avoid looking dowdy by good use of mixing of colours for her wardrobe, limited though it may have been.

It belongs to a garment often referred to as St Elizabeth's Cloak.

Very early examples of single-needle knitting known as nahlbindning are found throughout Europe during the pre-medieval period.

The construction pattern of most medieval clothing did not differ between a woman of small means and a woman with a large budget.

How the clothes went together was essentially the same.

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