Dating gemini cancer cusp man

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On the other hand, Gemini doesn’t really show emotions in a way that Cancer will easily recognize.

It is a good thing they are capable of finding emotion in anything and anyone, so they might have a chance to understand the emotional nature of their childish Gemini.

Gemini would go outside and have the weirdest sexual experiences, and Cancer would stay at home and wait for the night to be loved by their tender partner.

This is not always the case, of course, but it is very rare for a Gemini partner to manage to relax their Cancer and make them join their sexual adventure.

If Gemini partner has enough patience to talk to their partner about same things over and over, in time they could build enough intimacy to have a good sex life.

In order for this scenario to develop, Cancer needs to talk, too.

However, the main characteristic of Gemini is their curiosity.

Cancer can try to share their emotions too often for Gemini to have enough patience to understand them, and this can be devastating for their emotional relationship.

This can actually be a wonderful relationship that lasts much longer than other Gemini relationships, because there is usually enough understanding in Cancer for their childlike partner.

That is, if other aspects of the relationship are satisfying enough.

Cancer is a sign that exalts Jupiter, and its representatives like to travel, as much as they like to feel at home due to the sign itself.

Although Gemini partner doesn’t really have to go that far, they could find middle ground in travelling to places they both want to visit.

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