Dating hedgerows

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Additional options include Custom Paint Colors, base and lighting. Each umbrella comes with Click on Create Umbrella to view choices Click on Continue to Accessories to the finalize the order.

You may add the optional lamp or stand to any umbrella.

The main hedge construction is still of earth or earth/stone bank.

The majority of hedges have small trees, only a small minority having large trees, with 21 tree species recorded so far.

The lamp is designed for easy removal if you desire to close your umbrella.

You will need a 300-watt low-voltage transformer to power the lamp.

The bulbs are hidden by a painted underpanel on the inside of the umbrella.

They also spent some time comparing historical and modern maps, to age and identify the oldest ones which, in theory, should be the most diverse and valuable.The optional lamp will provide enough lighting for a dining environment.The lamp is hidden behind a painted under panel that hangs beneath the canopy of the umbrella.(See first question: Can I get a brochure or fabric swatches? Or you can retrieve them here Our umbrellas are constructed for residential and commercial use, designed for both rain and sun. If you have color refererences that will work as well Hedge Row primarily works with Sunbrella Canvas.Of course, always close your umbrella on windy days. While we feature a sampling of this collection, we are not limited to only working with it.

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