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Even touching and getting her to touch you when appropriate, to set up the right dynamic.

You don’t want to be the one doing all the work as if you start by you going out of your way to impress her and pursuing her, the interaction is doomed as you’re already starting off on the wrong foot.

The date is an opportunity to show her what your personality is like as that is what she will or won’t find attractive, so make sure to not just be yourself, but your best self.

Picking a date location that you’re comfortable with is HUGE, as does having a plan of what you’re going to do afterward or the possible options.

This makes you more confident as you’ll already know what you’re doing, and it looks great to her when you walk into a place and the staff not only know you, but laugh and joke with you.

Even if you don’t know the staff, interact with them as if they’re your friends and they’ll reciprocate.

This ties in with the point I made earlier about knowing where to go next. Chances are you initiated conversation after matching on Tinder right?

There you go, she expected you to lead from the very outset and this is a trend she expects to continue.

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This allows her to actually speak, and encourages her to invest in the interaction.

You never want to be the one doing all the work, as it conveys you’re not enough so you must compensate by trying to please her.

When you’re able to do this calmly, without pursuing an outcome, you come across as not desperate, which is something you never want her to think of you.

You should try to seduce her, nothing overt, just holding her gaze and maintaining eye contact where appropriate.

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