Dating portuguese men

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Even as a man of good means and extensive travelling experience, I couldn't get anywhere with them.

It doesn't surprise me that Portuguese men are mostly lazy and out of shape (not fat, but that's more genetical than anything else) - the women just don't care!

Also Portugese and Spanish do not have slavic mix at all. even going so far as to move the seat of the Kingdom to Brazil.

If you want to see a hot woman speaking Portuguese you have to go to Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, and .... I was the happiest person when I saw Portuguese girls on their Erasmus year in Poland.

They'd not get a single bit of attention and would be the most desperate women in the clubs. One of my best Portuguese friends (a dude, of course) spent one year in Gdansk, under the Erasmus program.

Regarding the topic though, I just had a recent 2 month stay in Lisbon.

Went out a couple times and tried to hit on Portuguese chicks.

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