Dating rachel part 2 walkthrough

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Prairie doesn’t know the combination because she’s Prairie, not Nina.Once at the hospital, Prairie starts drawing on the walls, as if she’s making the “Bandersnatch” code with different forking points where her realities forged into two.

She’s also on a ferry going across the San Francisco harbor... She’s speaking Russian to someone over the phone, her boyfriend Pierre Ruskin, and they talk about plans and agree to meet later (we also never see Pierre’s face! That’s then when Nina feels a heart attack coming on and collapses on the ferry.She believes that she’s now living in the dimension where Nina survived the bus crash, never had an NDE, never became blind, and consequently was never adopted by Nancy and Abel.It’s convincing, but doesn’t make much sense to her or us — at least not yet.It is bougie AF, and even Prairie can’t believe she lives there.There’s a door that appears to lead to a closet, however, it’s locked via a futuristic keypad.

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