Dating rules bullshit

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Lets not even get into the discussion of the use of the word ‘peng’ to describe a woman. When do you stop kissing and sleeping with other people? I know you’re probably thinking ‘you make the rules’, but if you make the rules… You could be playing two completely separate games because no one wants to talk about ‘the rules’ first.

If by some miracle in the deep pile of dating shit you find a man who is actually worthy of your time, what next? I only say game because of the term rules, I am certainly no game player, have you witnessed me talking to an attractive man? After a few weeks of dating/talking/getting closer, when do you ask that person if you’re the only one they’re invested in?

When did it become normal to sleep with a woman and never call (I obviously mean text because that’s the only way men communicate) her again or lead a woman on to the point of feelings, only to drop her without a single word, reason why or even a text back.

When did men stop taking women on romantic dates and just invite them round for ‘Netflix and chill’ or stop sending flowers and start sending dick pics? The amount of times I’ve been called the c-word since I started dating again insanely out weighs any time I was called beautiful, funny or interesting.

Not even down to the fact I am meeting people on an app but because stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life. Meeting a compatible other half in real life has become increasingly more difficult.

It’s highly unlikely I am going to meet a man I can take home to my mother in the local nightclub.

I think the thing with apps as well, is there is so much choice.

Guys don’t give the time to get to know someone ‘cos they’re too busy looking for the next match.

They’ll never know the great girls they’re passing up!

I am good at ‘being chill’ on the outside but on the inside I am wondering if months into whatever the hell is going on, the romantic things he is saying to me, is he saying them to someone else?

I am aware some may read this and think I am another nut job girl but it’s not like I get to this point with every match I make on Tinder, cut me some slack.

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