Dating scans during pregnancy

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You will be required to undress from your waist down, and lie down with your knees bent, much as you would for an internal exam.

Consider wearing a two-piece outfit so that you only need to remove your lowers.

At 6 Weeks If you are taking a first pregnancy scan at 6 weeks, you will notice that there might be a small white circle seen in the gestation sac, which is the yolk sac.

This is attached to the embryo and provides it with nutrients.

The probe emits sound waves which bounce off the baby.

These waves are then captured by the probe, which magnifies them and produces an image on the computer screen.

TVS (or) Transvaginal Scan A transvaginal scan is usually done when the scan needs to be done before the pregnancy is 10 weeks along.If the thickness is above limits, it can be an early indicator of Down’s syndrome.Blood Tests Beta human chorionic gonadotropin (beta-h CG), which is a hormone made by the placenta, and pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A), is a protein in the blood measured during the tests.No wonder you see so many couples cherish the image of the first scan!The first trimester is a critical period, and adequate monitoring and support are needed to ensure that the pregnancy is sustained and progresses normally.

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