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It would allow Dolphin to speedup disc transfer rates without breaking things for instance, as well as fix various instabilities in the emulator.

Alas, despite our best efforts some games still cannot use Dolphin's accurate disc speed path.

The D3D11/12 backends have a state tracker, even if it isn't implemented for everything yet.

This still should be moved to videocommon so that Open GL and any other backends in the future will get these optimizations.

Store EFB Copies to Ram (aka "EFB to Ram") is a very strenuous setting that sometimes can limit what games run on what computers.

A weak computer can't hope to run a game that requires EFB Copies stored to RAM.

By the next release we hope to have this ported to videocommon for all backends to use.Have no fear, Dolphin has greatly improved loading times by actually fixing the fact we weren't even trying to simulate load-times on Wii in Dolphin 4.0 due to an oversight.Better simulation of the disc drive would have long-term benefits.Adding Macroblocks in the Dolphin JIT While Dolphin's JIT has gotten quite a bit faster (nearly 2x over Dolphin 4.0! Macroblocks haven't really been explored much yet, and with the GPU thread presenting most of the bottleneck in many games, it's not quite as important as it was in Dolphin 4.0.Despite that, this could be one of the next great optimizations just waiting to be implemented.

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