Dating terms gsoh

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We’ve already seen the common and the slightly more intimidating ones so here’s a list of some that we feel might be of greatest use.F2F – Face to Face FWB – Friends with Benefits (be careful as this means sex with no strings attached) GMTA – Great Minds Think Alike GSOH – Good Sense of Humour GTSY – Good To See You IMHO – In My Honest Opinion MM – Marriage Minded (almost anything starting with M means they’re married) NB – No Baggage (children/ex-spouses) SINK – Single Income No Kids WLTM- Would Like To Meet Obviously this is not an exhaustive list.Of interest, dating sites are full of specialist abbreviations, which have their roots in a time when personal ads featured in local newspapers and users were charged by the word.(A term like GSOH would incur a fee for just one word as opposed to four words.) GSOH is typically seen as an entry in list of personal attributes.

In personal ads, an abbreviation intended to represent ' Good Sense Of Humour' but means he'll take you out to an Adam Sandler movie.It seems like every day there are new words, abbreviations, and turns of phrase cropping up and it can be challenging to keep up.Even if you feel young enough to be "hip with the kids" as they say, you still might need a refresher on all of the new lingo that's going around, especially when it comes to online and mobile app dating profiles.There are plenty more out there and new ones are being created all the time.Check out this link for a few more useful/sometimes scary abbreviations. The minefield that is online dating isn’t for everyone.

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