Dating wmj ru

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If he comes from money, he doesn’t work and lives in a suspiciously nice apartment, but will go to great lengths to avoid admitting that he personifies the “Trustafarian” stereotype.

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Born and raised in one of the major art cities (New York, London, etc.), he likely graduated from a top tier prep school, headed to an Ivy, and chose the art industry because of his legacy status, even while his friends opted for banking, lawyering, or business school. He knows everyone (seriously, a major opening is practically a family school reunion for this dude), will only take you to nice restaurants, and always has something witty to say at cocktail parties (even if you’ve already heard him say it a hundred times).

He’s spontaneous and game for whatever—be it posing naked for your drawing class or dropping mushrooms and driving to Montauk for the day.

He’s not super into “putting labels on things” and often disappears for days on end, only to show up at your doorstep, bewildered by your apparent vexation.

Sure, it’s creepy when waitresses assume he’s your dad and when you think about, but dating an older man has its perks.

Just be sure to get out with a painting or a nice handbag before he moves on to the next enchanting gallerina. Their extracurricular activities include drinking beer, smoking weed, surfing, and hanging out at hip bars with the kind of pretty, cool girls who sport tattoo necklaces and leather jackets and pursue art careers of their own that the Art Bros inevitably view as lesser. The biggest difference between him and the Scruffy Hipster is that the Art Bro has achieved a certain level of success, having been told he’s the “next big thing” by a slew of dealers and critics that are trying to make him a “thing” in art entertainment.

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