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I suggested this very feature to OKCupid recently, because why would I want to see people who aren't interested in me, right?

I get having something of a weighted preference towards younger or older - I'm 28/f and imagine my range will skew a little bit younger as I age - but yours is a really huge skew. Listen, whats creepy, is women using a mere number to determine if they will date or talk to them. You will now get to talk to someone that would have otherwise ignored you, based solely a mere number.

Regardless of your own looking for/messaging age options, you can't see or talk to older guys, and vice versa.

This is brand new though, so I could be wrong about how this plays out.

An example is that I was looking for 24-36 until recently when I bumped it up to 40 when I realised there's a lot of really hot women I was ignoring.

Some people only put their looking for a couple of years either side of their age, where as the standard creepiness factor would allow them quite a few years more. People don't really know what they want Isn't Po F the one that has messaging restrictions already?

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