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As of 2018, the industries with the lowest average click-through rates including Technology, B2B, and Consumer Services.

The average click-through rate in Ad Words across all industries is 3.17% for search and 0.46% for display.

There are only a few people, who find their perfect partner at the very first attempt. David Rysdahl is currently in a relationship with Zazie Beetz.

Among those few people, David Rysdahl is one of them. His girlfriend is an actress by profession who is best known for his role in the TV series, Atlanta. They might not be ready to get married as of now due to which they are still dating.

When we first collected this data in 2015, legal services could struggle to attract attention on the SERP (with a relatively low average 1.35% CTR) – in large part due to advertising restrictions enforced by both Google and government organizations.

Legal advertisers have improved their stats in the past few years!

We dug into our data to find out, and all figures have been updated with fresh data for 2018!

A writer further makes an average salary of ,439 in the US.AI and machine learning are providing real benefits in both personal and professional human-to-human interactions.From helping give love advice, providing better profile content and photos, to providing suggestions about first dates or potential mates AI is increasingly being used for personal relationships of all sorts.Both “Lawyer” and “Attorney” make the top 10 most expensive keywords on Google and on Bing. Consumer services aren't too far behind, with an average CPC of .40.Advocacy and nonprofit groups are fortunate to have a cost per click under , likely as a result of the max CPC bid Google Grant advertisers have to set on all of their keywords.

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