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If he loves you and wants it to work he will be patient for as long as it takes. It's more painful to give it a chance than giving up for sure.

Just feel like I'm drowning some days lately and don't know what I'm doing.... S/he will help you to work through your feelings and decide on your next steps. I didn't take me long to figure out that I'd never get past it. I know cheating is cheating but sometimes I almost believe some are slightly better/ easier to get past than the others depending on how the affair started (intentional online hunting or not), how long it had lasted, the way he treated you and your children if any during the affair, how you have found out etc etc.Think I know what people are going to say, but sometimes u just need to actually hear it to make u act on it.....For the last 2 years, dh and I have been working to get past his affair.I think he knows this is the long haul now & wants to help me.Have booked an appt with GP next week to discuss options, no idea on the counselling services in this area, Hope everyone has good days today xx is husband having an affair To be really pissed off over what DD father said?

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