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Their first three black metal albums—A Blaze in the Northern Sky, Under a Funeral Moon and Transilvanian Hunger (sometimes dubbed the "Unholy Trinity")—are considered the peak of the band's career and to be among the most influential albums in the genre.For most of this time, Darkthrone has been a duo of Nocturno Culto and Fenriz, who have sought to remain outside the music mainstream.Turns out their link-up wasn't a one-time deal: Judging from the new songs the group has released thus far, " Cast the First Stone " and " Wolf Named Crow ," it will be burly, surly and southern-fried — basically, everything fans could hope for.Swedish metal outfit Avatar have always been a hard band to pin down, and that task doesn't look to get any easier with the January 12th release of their new album Avatar Country. He'll roll into with a new Black Label Society album, due January 18th.

Great death metal is: 1.) Played by great musicians; and 2.) Very attentive to atmosphere.For some people, this sounds angry/dark/aggressive. All that’s in there, for sure, but that’s sort of the frosting, for me.The substance is richer than that: The sound of musicians playing together, responding to one another, collaborating on a project of playing and listening to make something that expresses—like, a musical expression, something evocative, a space for the listener to inhabit.I really view the thematic concerns as part of the picture, but not really the primary one—more like signposts.They’re indicative of the mood, just as when something’s in a minor key, it’s more likely to be reaching for sad moods than something in a major key.

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