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Anonymous is legend for working together to Dox people that commit some kind of crime. Here is a small list of sites to try once you have something to go on.

"Doxing" is the act of finding out ones personal information (Name,address,phone#) from some kind of online account.

site can help you once you find the phone number, even if it is a cellphone you can still narrow down the location of the user.

It never gets the town perfect but it DOES give you the correct state, general location, and service provider of the phone(which may help you with social engineering). Upload or link to a picture on this site and it will find matches on the internet, even if the match is not 100% perfect.

Michael Brutsch created an online persona named violentacrez for the Internet messaging board Reddit.Doxxing is analyzing information posted online by the victim in order to identify and later harass that person.Source The term “doxxing” comes from the expression “dropping dox”, which was a revenge tactic used by hackers where they dropped malicious information on a rival. Both of these sites can help you find sites that your target has registered on (assuming the username is not incredibly common).can also help you once you find out information like First/Last name or Phone number.

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