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In 2004, he was honored by PCI with the Distinguished Educator of the Year Award.

Sponsor: NC Department of Transportation Start Date: 8/16/09 End Date: 3/31/11 This proposal is developed in response to research idea 0403 on the NCDOT list of research ideas for AY 2010.

But…his shadow self emerges, and I recognize I am still getting to know him.

He has acknowledged that he has an ambivalent-anxious attachment style (with the tendency to retreat when he is feeling emotionally challenged, but still a deep need to connect), which he is making sense of in therapy and independently.

I’ve noticed this can stir up some maybe-not-so-long-lost feelings of abandonment for me, and wonder if this means that we are doomed?!

I can see he genuinely cares about me and is eager to make progress.

I wonder – should I cut my losses or stick things out a bit longer to find my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?It sounds to me like he’s a good man, who is into you and is working through his issues. I can’t help but think that that almost anything can be spinned into a red flag and one would only tolerate red flags (Maybe it’s an orange flag in this case) if they felt they couldn’t do much better than they are doing now.Speaking of red/orange/yellow flags, what imperfections can exist in a person without them being any sort traffic light coloured flags?It seems as we humans are spoiled for choice, we tend to end up making the poor one regardless. Paul Zia is Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering and Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor Emeritus.

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