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Jenna-Louise Coleman was born 27 April 1986, and hails from the seaside town of Blackpool.Jenna Coleman and co-star Tom Hughes became romantically involved.Season 11 of Doctor Who premiered last month to rave reviews as Jodie Whittaker made her debut in earnest as the first female Time Lord.

may than pining for her former classmate Ryan, Yaz might have taken a romantic interest in the 13th Doctor instead. But in Sunday night’s “Arachnids in the UK” — which also introduced us to Yaz’s family — we got the first inkling that Yasmin’s fascination with the Doctor as a brilliant alien might be developing into something more romantic. ”Earlier in the episode, the Doctor diagnosed herself as “nervous” and “socially awkward,” yet here her cool response is simple: “I don’t think so. Going on adventures through space and time give each of them an opportunity for more excitement. “You’re like the best person I’ve ever met.” That’s not quite a romantic confession, but it is absolutely enough for some fans to think so. This is a new Doctor with a new showrunner, so it’s basically a soft reboot.

Season 11 of Doctor Who has been hailed for its representation and diversity with episode three’s Rosa being praised for covering the American civil rights movement as well as picking up on contemporary parallels towards racism.

Speaking about LGBT representation in the new series, Doctor Who producer Matt Strevens said: "Since the show came back in 2005, I think Doctor Who has been amazing at blurring the edges of sexuality and being quite gender fluid about the characters and relationships."I'm not going to say if any of our characters are or are not at this point.

(Again, the easy ship.) Later, when the gang converges on the hotel in the center of the city where Yaz’s mother Najia works, Yaz is again pestered about her romantic prospects — yet here it’s about the Doctor.“Sorry, but who are you? For the time being, we definitely ship Yasmin and the Doctor.

“I owe the Doctor my life, quite a few times over.” Whether or not Perhaps the strongest piece of evidence in support of the Yas-Doc ship comes at the very end of the episode when all three companions commit to more adventures aboard the TARDIS.

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